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Hi. I've been using our new NN3D in anger this season during a 3 month cruise. It's brilliant.

However, two questions if I may.

  • 1. How can I remove a point from a route without deleting the point from the database as well?

  • 2. When searching the tide tables, is it possible to enter a date and see the high and low tide data rather than having to interpret the graphs? I'm aware you can alter the date and time to view the appropriate tidal graphs, but I'd love to see the specifics for high and low water rather than try to interpret the graphs.

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Good afternoon Piers,

Move your cursor over a route point or waypoint, until it "pops." Use the right click button located on the keypad to access different options. Please select the "move" option, from there use the cursor pad to place the point to your desired location and press the Rotokey to validate.

Once inside the tide graph display,move the cursor to the lower left hand side of the screen to where the date is displayed. Once the cursor is located in the date box use the left click feature on the cursor pad, that will allow you to use the Rotokey to change the month, day, year for the tidal graph. Choose your desired date and validate by pressing the Rotokey. The tide graph will change to the desired date. However, per your question, the numerical data is set to your current time and date.
Hi C-Bass,

Thank you for the replies. Can I make further comment, please?

Re: Deleting a waypoint from a route, not the database. If I have constructed a route from waypoints in the database and now want to remove one of them from the route, I don't think moving it is an option. have I missed something? I just want it removed from the route. But I can't see how to do this without either deleting it from the database. Am I missing something?

Re: Tidetables. So to make sure I've understood, I need to interpolate the graph since the actuals for a different date do not appear in the numerical data.

What I may try is altering the date in the system - as long as I remember to correct it before leaving port!

Is the above correct?

Many thanks for the help.

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Hi C-bass,

Further test and sea trial....

"Deleting a waypoint from a route, not the database." Resolved. Thank you for the guidance.

"Tidetables." I believe changing the date in the nn3d is the only way to get the data box to show the tidal data for the day in question with no need to interpolate. Is this so?

Best regards - Piers
Good morning Piers,

When looking at the Digital Tide Table, it will show you the current time and date for the tide chart of the desired location. For example, if you are looking at a tide graph 100nm away. Once you adjust the date at that tide station, the graphical chart will show that information, the digital table will show you what the tide is doing currently regardless of the date and time that you have chosen.
Hi C-Bass. Agreed, and that's how I've been using it so far.

I just hoped there was a way I could set the date and the data box would be updated as we'll as the graph. The box would then include that date's sunrise/sunset times as well - again useful for us since we often start or end cruising in the dark.

May I therefore make two suggestions?

1 That the digital data box is updated when a new date is entered for that location?

2 That if the location has more than one low or high tide that day, that the digital box shows the times of all the tides, not just one high and one low?

All the data for the chosen date is known within then s/w, it just needs to be extracted and displayed.

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Hey C-Bass,

Just found something really good in the Tidal data screen. Clicking on the tidal height allows you to turn alter the time by 15 minutes with the Rotokey, either way. I've also realised that the darkened area refers to night (DOH!) and therefore the times of sunrise/sunset.

This (almost) overcomes the two requests made earlier.

Now that's cool.

By the way, I use a wireless keypad and mouse - it makes the operation of the nn3d so much easier and quicker.