nmea2000 and lightning



I need some help on my Navnet 3D. We had a close proximity strike in Ft Lauderdale, FL. After the storm all of my nmea2000 bus devices power up but no data. I look in the wizard and there is no bus traffic. I also created a new BB with power cable and terminators. I connected just the GPS antenna and not linking. I also connected a new GPS antenna to the new backbone and still have nothing. Is there any way to check the MFD12.
Thanks for you help :questions
Lightning can damage all kinds of things, so I would recommend working with your dealer to have everything fully tested. You could send the units into the factory service center for evaluation, but it sounds like you have a lot of items. Working with a local authorized servicing dealer might be your best option. If your new NMEA 2000 back bone is built within standards, it should be working. The MFD NMEA 2000 port might have been damaged from the lightning. I am sorry to hear about the lightning, but what is it that they say?.... Lightning never strikes twice.... With luck, you won't have this ever happen again. ;)