nmea 0183 to nmea 2000



Hello Im decided that the 14' TZT is going to be the next MFD but i just realized that the interface between my autopilot (simrad ap 22) and the TZT will be an immediate issue. is there a furuno device to convert the language so these to devices can communicate reliably? as an aside I must say that using the competitors units for sometime during my decision making process was quite illuminating. The TZT is incredibly fast, seamless, and defines the word intuitive. the others (especially the simrad) paled in comparison. Thank you Russell
Thanks. I did check out there site. Do you have any experience with this product? Appears simrad makes a product too called at-10. Maretron has USB-100. All three seem to take a different approach to the problem and I'm sure with differing rates of ease and or success. Have you used the actisense?
From what feedback I have received, the actisense is faster at the conversion process and works a bit better for pilot operations. knuteivind used it with a NavPilot 500; I believe.
Ok good to know. I'll post when I start the install to offer info to others on this arrangement. As an aside, I appreciate your screen name as it gives me a new connection to the word 'electron' The previous association was the 'tienmouth electron' and we all know how that turned out. Thanks.
Do you recommend the actisense over the furuno IF-NMEA2K2? I just became aware of the furuno product this morning.
The IF-NMEA2k2 is a great converter but currently can not be used to control an autopilot (including Furuno's). We hope to get a software update to the IF-NMEA2k2 to change that in the future; but at this time, I would recommend the actisense unit.
I just want to confirm the actisense product works with autopilot. I am sending the steering commands from MFDBB on nmea2000, this is picked up by the actisense converter and sends nmea0183 to my navpilot. I am receiving all telegrams I need to control my autopilot. However I have not yet done any seatrails, I will do that in one month.

You need to set up this converter with the free software from Actisense, on this program you may change nmea0183 baudrate and also filter what telegrams are converted both directions.

Navpilot is not outputing HDT to often so I have connected directly to the compass to feed nmea heading back to the actisense converter using 38400 baud and highest transmitt frequency.
That's excellent hands on information. Thanks for that insight. I will be doing this install in a couple weeks myself. The autopilot is long since installed and works flawlessly with its current mfd partner. It looks like I will simply need to reconnect the four 0183 wires currently on the old mfd and set up the actisense. Thanks again.