New Charts



So, I loaded new charts onto my NavNet 3D and I cant seem to see them. They are unlocked on my data catalog but I cannot seem to get them selected for use... any ideas?
Which charts did you install?
If they were vector charts you might need to go to the chart menu and select Jeppesen or Navionics under the vector tab. There is a selection for chart database and the default is HOs S-57. If you downloaded a Jeppesen or Navionics database they won't appear unless selected.
In addition make sure you have selcted vector (or raster) on the Roto-Key.
(Melville is correct)

Beside just the Roto-Key where you choose the chart type (Vector - Raster - Fishing); you must ensure you have selected the correct data base for any VECTOR charts you wish to view.

HO S-57 = Hydrographic Office S-57 Vector
Jeppesen = C-Map by Jeppesen Vector
Navionics = Navionics Vector

-- You will find this setting under MENU - CHART icon - VECTOR Tab.

Chart Database.jpg
Chart Database: Select the chart database to use among [HOs S-57], [Jeppesen],
and [Navionics].