New boat came with Furuno radar, advice needed.



I reccently purchased a boat with some older Furuno radar. The radome and screen/monitor were removed by the previous owner, and he had no idea if either one even worked.

My problem is that there are no cables at all that came with this setup, so I have no real way of knowing if either part works. What is my best option for testing this thing to see if it works without dumping a bunch of $$$$ into power cables only to find out that the old parts dont work? The dome is an RSB-0071 and the screen/monitor is an 841 Mark 2
The 841mkII has been discontinued for some time. However, you can send the display and the antenna to our Camas office and we can check it out. It will cost $100. The cables you are currently missing would be the signal cable from the dome to the display. A 10 meter cable would list for $175 and is part number 008-475-340. Longer lengths are available.
The power cable is part number 000-157-939 and lists for $60.
Since the 4kw dome (RSB0071-58) is compatible with our 7” NavNet 1 or vx2 displays you might find a local dealer who has the proper cable along with a power connector. They might be able to test it for you locally. To find your nearest dealer just click on our “Find a Dealer” link in the upper right of our website.

Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.