Navpilot not reading PB100



I have connected my PB100 to the Navpilot 500, I have enabled gga, ggl, vtg and more. It reads VTG well but not the GGA. It also reads wind data well. I have also monitored the GGA nmea with a laptop and it odes output position. Is there any known bug with the PB100 output or Navpilot input?
No known issue. It could be that the PB100 has more sentences turned on than the selected baud rate can properly carry. You must also be very careful with your PC interface. PCs are RS232, and the PB100 is RS422 (Pilot has both depending on the port used). If you start mixing NMEA levels without proper interfacing you will get intermittent operations and sometimes damage your NMEA port(s). Just because it says NMEA 0183 doesn't mean all things are equal.
For some reason the pilot was reading GGA only on port 1 and not port 2. Maybe there is some kind of master function to avoid to sources of position data. I changed to port 1 and it works fine now.
(on this test I did not use the actisense interface, just directly with nmea0183)
Glad to hear you got it reading. There are a lot of settings to consider for the ports. Besides baud rate there are NMEA version (1.5, 2.0, 3.0) and other settings that might account for the port 2 (TB5) not showing the data, and port 1 (TB7) working. Another thing to consider is if you were also trying to use the RS232 port (TB4) because that port shouldn't be used if you are using NMEA 2 in (TB5). It is either/or not both. Just FYI information because I know you have it working. :jump