Navpilot 711 Language Change


Furuno Super Fan
Good Day!

May I introduce myself: Oliver from Germany, 43 years old and quite a proud owner of an Ovni 365, build in 2011.

The boat is equipped with the navpilot 711. Because the owner is French, the language Setting is also French.

Maybe ist a stupid question but how to Change language??

Furthermore it seems that the unit is connected to othe tztouch well, gets some nav data like waypoint, but no cog or Position?

Perhaps I have tu update the navpilot Software?

Because using Raymarine gear for about 20 years, I am quite familiar with their Hardware, but with Furuno I am an absolute beginner.........

Thanks in advance

Ahh found the "solution"

Ist only pressing enter 3x while pressing menu. Ok, I read that elsewhere and tried, but obviously I was to slow pressing the button three times......