NAVPILOT 511 Speed Error Message



Hi there, I have this annoying speed error message, every time I engaged the autopilot and the error message is showing every 60 seg, need some help. Thanks.
The NavPilot requires you to provide it boat speed, so it knows that it will not throw you out of the boat when it makes turns. The settings are SOG (Speed over Ground), STW (Speed Thru Water), and Manual. When set to manual, you must provide/set the speed manually. Most common install will be setup for SOG and it will get that from your GPS/Plotter. (Parameter setup - SPD CALC) How is yours set?
Thank you for your answer, I dodn't know how my navpilot is set for speed, I will check it theconfig and tell you.
Hi There, yesterday I have some trouble with my autopilot, each time when I engage the autopilot the boat head to port side very aggressive Naturally, this shift causes an instant alarm "deviation alarm", and don’t follow the course.
I would start with a rudder test to see if it passes. Next in STBY, I would look at the rudder display and turn the wheel each direction to ensure it reads smoothly for each degree both directions. If both are good, check the status light on the compass and see if it is solid or flashing.

By the way, what happened with your original speed error? You never said.
The Original speed error message is clear, we executed you recommendations, I will go this Sunday to do the test, now the rudder test is done in STBY or AUTO???

Rudder setup and test are under dockside setup in the install menu. (Press both turn/menu button and power/standby at same time to get to install mode)
The pilot should be in standby prior to entering install mode.
Hi Johnny,

I checked the status light on the compass and is solid, I looked at the rudder display in STBY and turn the wheel each direction and the reads isn't too smoothly, the I went to sea trial AUTO and notice that the rudder display start to show erratic reading, ex. 5ºS them 30ºS them 15ºS them 7ºS very fast, I changed to STBY and the rudder display was doing the same, the only thing I forgot to perform a rudder test. Thanks
Auto tuning of the sea trail will turn the boat back and forth to get a feel for the boat. It is part of the seatrail and normal to do that. It would be best to give our tech support a call while you at the unit so we can talk you thru some setup.
When I said sea trail I meant to check the autopilot in normal navigation...