navpilot 500 non-hydraulic



I know the new Furuno kit is getting state of the art but i am still using RD30/GP32 because of power required ( and cost). My little 9metre sloop sails very well but there are times when i like an extra hand. My tiller is currently controlled by Sinbad (Simrad) the sailor but as existing Furuno fans with deeper pockets start to upgrade to 700 series navpilots the 500 series is appearing on Ebay and i might be tempted to buy one. All the reviews go on about hydraulic drive units but i have studied all the manuals yet am not sure that a below deck (lazarette) electric linear drive with clutch and rudder reference is possible to interface or not.
Any smart people with ideas/advice ?
Furuno USA offer 2 types of linear drive units manufactured by AccuSteer. Our part numbers are PUMPLA11-12 and PUMPLA17-12.
These are below deck hydraulic drives that consist of a hydraulic ram connected to a pump, by-pass valve, and reservoir assembly via 3’ of hose allowing for a more flexible mounting arrangement.
If you go to our website, , you can view the manuals for these units by putting the part numbers in the search function. There you can see details about mounting and selection of a tiller arm, (not supplied), for attachment to the rudder post. The unit for your vessel is determined by the torque required and length of tiller arm used. You do not want to attach the drive directly to the quadrant.