Navpilot 500, how many degrees change when using keys?



I have a Navpilot 500, one great pilot!
I have the large control unit at lower helm and a small one at upper helm.
On the upper helm I get 10 degrees heading change when using the green and red buttons while the jog-dial is one by one degrees. This is perfect for my type of sailing.
On the lower helm I have a different setup and the red and green buttons does not give me 10 degrees change. I have played with the settings but cant see the option I want.
Are there different firmware versions on these pilots?
I believe the function you are looking to change is described in the installation manual not the operator’s manual. The manual is available online but here is what it says:

3.6.3 Setting the function of DODGE keysYou can select the degree which is changed when ◄ or ► key is pressed, among from 5,
10 or 20°.
1. Open the SYSTEM SETUP menu.
2. Rotate the course control knob to select ◄ ► KEY MODE.
3. Push the course control knob to select the setting among from DODGE, +/-5°, +/-10°
and +/-20°.
4. Press the course control knob to set.
I cannot find this in my menu, only at upper helm. It was a couple of years before I bought the second control unit so I think they have different firmware.
I have also downloaded two different installation manuals and in the manual for firmware 2.05 this option is not mention. I think I will have to upgrade the unit to the newer firmware, what do you think?

Edit: I checked my firmware version. On my upper helm control unit I have 3.01, on my lower helm 2.03 and processor is 4.02.
Software for each control unit should be the same so please get that taken care of first.
In the USA software for the NavPilot 500 series is not made available for download.
Please contact your nearest authorized Furuno dealer for assistance. You could also send the components requiring updating to our Camas, WA. facility. If you are outside of the USA we would be happy to provide the contact information for the nearest Furuno agent to your location.
It is always recommend that your control indicators have matching software and that the processor be updated at the same time. In some cases updating your displays will result in them not talking to a processor that has older software. Mixing old and new is not supported.

Upgrading of software in the NavPilot 500 series isn't easy. The process is reserved for dealers and our service center. Furuno USA service center provides software updates at NO COST (other than shipping). Those outside our sales and service area should talk to their local distributor for their policies.