Navnet vx2 compatibility with 3rd party black box sonar



I have a Furuno Rdp-149 on my Navnet vx2 network that I would like to add a sonar to. I already have a Furuno sonar connected to another display so I am already covered in that department. I would really like to have some kind of realistic looking sonar to get a more crisp picture of what is below me. I would like to know if there is a way to integrate any of the following black box sonars to the Rdp-149.

Garmin gcv10 with downvu and side vu
Lowrance/Simrad Structurescan HD or Sonar hub
Raymarine CP100 Chirp sonar with downview

If Furuno was offering a unit with this capability I would not be asking this question. Unfortunately, if there is not a way to add one of these black box sonars to my Furuno display, I may have a "red headed step child" display on my dash real soon.

Thank you for your help,

The original NavNet system was developed almost 14 years ago with vx2 about 5 years later. This is well before CHIRP was an economical technology.

There is no way to connect another manufacturers black box sounder to a Furuno. You will find all manufacturers you mentioned will also not work with another companies system.

I can also tell you that Furuno will continue to support your "red headed stepchild" with parts and service for many years to come as long as components are available. This is something that few other manufacturers can claim about their product line. ;)