Navnet vx2 - colored lines being drawn



I have a vx2 (1920C - navionics gold) that is drawing lines across the page in different colors and angles. It only occurs on the navigation pages - either full screen or split (if split with sonar for example it only happens on the plotter side). The lines continue being drawn essentially blocking out the screen. Other functionality seems to be working. Not sure if it is related but when it first started the house battery was very low. Battery was recharged but the line continues. Turned off the unit and did a memory I/O display unit test that indicated everything is ok. Software hasn't been updated program # 195002301.05
Could you please post a picture of what you are seeing? ... LJu0aMm7lQ

This link hopefully will work.

The lines continue being drawn blocking out the screen. This only happens on the plotter screen whether full screen or split with the sonar. When the initially started the Navnet restarted a couple times due to the low battery so not sure if the software somehow got corrupted?
Before even attempting to troubleshoot this display/random lines problem, we need to get you to v4.01 software. There are too many variables that could have been fixed in the numerous software versions between v1.05 and the latest. I'll PM you how to open a case in our support system so I can get you the appropriate software.