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I have a Navnet Vx2 unit that i purchased used but the unit was never installed onto a boat. So it is virtually brand new. I purchased the west coast C Map Max from The GPS Store so this is brand new. When i power up my unit the C Map seems like it is not being read by the navnet vx2. Everything else like radar and fishfinder seems to work as well as the actual GPS position. The charts that are displayed are the basic charts based off of my current gps position with absolutely no details that the C Map card is supposed to supply. I tried a different C Map card from a friend and his card did not work either but works perfectly fine on his furuno unit. I tried to upload data and nothing. Looking for some suggestions on what to do now.
What is the program number in the machine?
It could be that the previous owner programed it for Navionics or that the software is too old to understand the new map card.

Can you tell me what the chart card door says? The VX2 was shipped with either CMAP of Navionics software and this is noted on the chart card door. If your VX2 unit has Navionics software installed it won't read the CMAP chart you have. Can you please get me the serial # of the unit so we can look into how this unit was originally configured at the factory? Once provided we'll have a better idea of how to proceed.

Unfortunately the sticker with the serial number is missing. Is there another way to find the serial number? If there is another way to determine serial number can Furuno send me a new sticker to place on the display? How do i determine what the program number of the machine is?

Attached two pictures

The front door where the chip goes says Navnet Vx2 c-map NT MAX

The chip says:

C-MAP Max C-Map NT
M-NA-M024.21. MWM
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The chart door says it is C-map, but the software might not be or it could have old software. Please get the software program number. It will show up at the bottom of the chart disclaimer screen or during the self test of the unit. (MENU - SYSTEM CONFIG - SYSTEM SETUP - TEST & CLEAR - MEMORY I/O TEST - DISPLAY UNIT TEST)
Ok i got the software number and yes you are correct it has navionics gold software on the startup screen. Since i already own the c map chip i obviously want to stay with that. Can i convert from the navionics gold to c map? If possible does a dealer do this or can i do it myself?


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Your programming is Navionics (1.09 which is very old) and not C-map. Since you have a C-map card, I would recommend working with your dealer; or open a support case (do it yourself), to convert the unit into being a C-map programmed unit. (V4.03)
If I wanted to send it back to Furuno to do this upgrade as well as place a new ID sticker on the back since mine is missing is that possible? If so do you know the address or the process to get this done?
Once a serial number plate has been removed it can't be replaced. These are installed at factory. The unit can be mailed to the service center at the following address:

Furuno USA
Attn: Service
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas WA 98607