NavNet 3D & Kannad R10 AIS



I have the NavNet 3D with AIS connected through NMEA. The NavNet 3D will not locate the Kannad Safe Link R10 in the test mode. The Kannad R10 is a personal AIS device to assist in man overboard situations.

I verified that AIS targets are showing up on my screen, but no icon or ID for the Kannad R10.
Is Nav Net 3D not programmed to pick up this type of signal?

Francie Scott

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The NN3D units do not display AIS SART Message (Message #14).
This might change in the future with a software update but currently it does not.
If I am not mistaken, the Kannad R10 will indeed show up on the NN3D chartplotter, but only as a vessel, not a SART. The Kannad transmits AIS messages #1 (the standard Position Report) and #14 (AIS-SART). The NN3D may not recognize message #14, but it should recognize message #1.

Am i wrong?

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