Navnet 1 to 2 upgrade, can't get radar to work



All I did was swap a RDP 139 out for a RDP-149.

The plug seems to fit, but the radar won't spin up.

Do I need to do some initial set up?

Just an asterix.

Someone told me I need to get into the installation settings??

I have an RSB-0071 radome. It says online it's a 1734 radar. I don't have that option in the setup menu in the installation wizard.

I chose A and it's spinning up now and transmitting. But the screen is blank.
Your radar would be an 1834c/nt if your RDP149 is programmed for C-Map.
You must hold MENU on power up until you can choose the INSTallation mode. Under the radar setup your antenna type should be set to "B". You also should ensure that monitor mode is Off.

Under network setup, your device number and radar source should be the same number.
I've set the radar to 'A'. It spins up when I hit transmit, the asterix are gone, and I did the radar optimization.

But now it's just a blank screen while transmitting.

I went into the installation wizard and set the radar to B(1834C). I got it to transmit and ran the optimization. Now I just get fuzz:
I would recommend you call into our technical support while you are at the unit. If it was working on the RDP139, it should have no problems working on the RDP149.