navnet 1 RDP 139



I put a new C-map in the plotter And all nav aids came out light purple instead of red and green. did I do some Wrong. Everything else with the chart seem ok. THANK YOU educatedice
Try going to Menu-Chart Setup-Chart Details-Next Page Soft Key and change "Complex Object Icon" from 'multiple' to 'single'.
Thank You, works perfect now have red and green markers. Have two more question. (1) The markers have no numbers by them like on the Hard Charts. Can that be fixed. (2 ) Compass heading 246 degrees, autopilot heading 244 degrees, ships heading 309 degrees on plotter how do I correct the plotter heading to get close to compass heading. Also there is a line straight out in front heading. How do I remove that bearing line. THANK YOU educatedice
Unfortunately, there isn't a way to always show the marker numbers on the screen on your C-Map unit. Many customers complained that the screen was too cluttered with information, so the engineers removed them. However, the information can be displayed by putting the cursor on the marker and pressing enter to get more info. Typically heading originates from the autopilot's heading sensor. If the autopilot's information is off, it'll need to be corrected at the heading sensor/autopilot. I'm not sure what heading sensor you are using or how it's connected to the RDP139. It should be coming in on data3 only and HDG or HDT sentences should not be turned on in any port's "select sntnc" area. I'd recommend finding out which compass has the correct reading and re-swing the offending sensor.
Thank You for your help with my last problem. My next thing problem is there a way to adjust the icon for the boat to show that it is between the markers on the chart . The icon is on the marker if the boat is in the middle of the markers according to the plotter screen. If I' am close to marker it show boat out side of marker. thank you educatedice
If this happens in all chart areas, it's suggested that a chart offset be entered (Menu-Chart Setup-Chart Offset). If it doesn't happen everywhere, try "Reset Offset" feature under the same menu selections above. If that still doesn't help, it could be that the range selected for the chart is too small. Try ranging out one or two levels and see if that helps.