Navnet 1 last Software Instructions



Hi there!

I'm new at this forum. Great !
To update my RDP139 to C-Map I downloaded from Furuno-previous products 1833C software and I wondered that -after opening the file- in the list of this program only appears the 1833 mono, but not the 1833C model.
My questions are:
-Will it match for the color model allways?
-I have read in some post there exists PDF INSTRUCTIONS for applying this software program. Can somebody send me a copy?
Capt Jacob
Normally the software will not offer the pop-up window with the model selection screen unless you already have the newest software already in the display. It will normally see the display and then choose the correct software to program it with, automatically. The software talks you through each step when you run it. Unfortunately these older NavNet one type units can only be updated to a certain level with the PC. There are newer versions of software have come out since the PC update software released. It has to go back to the service center to get the newest offered update.