Navionics XL cards for Navnet1



I have a five year old sailboat equipped with Furuno Navnet1 BB and Navnet 10" display in cockpit and MU120 C display below.

The boat has been moved to the Lake Michigan after spending five seasons on the east coast and caribbean.
Now I cannot beg, borrow or steal a Navionics XL card for the Great lakes. navionics claims that they have royalty issues with the canadian cartography people. Furuno tells me to buy a new system.

Does anyone else have this problem, or does anyone have old XL charts for Navnet1 for Lake Michigan?

Thanks in advacne, Ted
I wouldn't take what a reseller says as being "Furuno Says". Your NavNet series 1 unit can be reprogrammed to be a C-map unit. C-map still offers updated chart card(s) including the areas you need. It would use a "FP" chip (which fits the full slot on the machine) with support of the NT+ type map. I would recommend you speak with an AUTHORIZED Furuno dealer about converting your black box unit and then purchase of the chart area(s) you need. If you don't have a dealer near you; you can always send the unit into our factory service center for conversion. You can purchase the C-map chart direct from C-map or any of their dealers. (Most Furuno dealers are also chart dealers) Never fear, your NN1 unit still has life and maps available. :jump