NAV Pilot malfunction



Does any one know if it is possible for an autopilot to not release control of the steering back to the wheel when shut off?
Please tell us which pilot, which drive unit, and your type of steering.
The unit loosk likethe current NavPilot 711 and was installed new about 5 years ago. I'm not on the boat so can't get the details. The steering is Hynautic.
Your wheel should not lock up. If the system was installed correctly with shut off valves you should be able to isolate the pump and see if you still have a steering issue. Have you checked the pressure in the Hynautic system?
The system has fluid and about 25psi pressure. The wheel just spins free with no rudder movement. When I turn on the NAV Pilot and put it in AUTO and turn the dial right or left, the rudder does move. When I turn it back off the wheel will still just spin with no rudder movement.
There might be a malfunction in one of the check valves which are part of the lock valve assembly. These are designed to allow the steering to by-pass the pump when the pilot is not engaged.

I would have an authorized dealer with hydraulic experience take a look. When you get a chance to be back at the boat let us know the model of the pump you are using.
Thanks for you help....I'll let you know what I find.
Hi Melvill,

I am at the boat this morning. I am able to get the rudder to make a full travel in both directions with the NavPilot 511 unit in AUTO. When switched into standby and turned off there is still no response from the wheel. The number on the motor of the powerhead is HRP 17-12. Don't see any shut off valves.
It really sounds like there is a problem in the pump. You should try and get a local dealer to take a look or remove the pump and send it in for service.

If you do remove it you might seriously consider some type of shut off valve when reinstalling. This should be done regardless of which manufacturer's pilot is installed.
I have seen this type of thing happen if there is air in the pump at the steering wheel. Most likely the steering wheel is located at a higher elevation than the auto pilot pump which is why the auto pilot pump works. Follow the Hynautic directions for bleeding the system and it should correct your problem.