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My Navnet, I have the one before 3D. It has locked up 2x in the past three weeks. Software is up to date. Also, when this happens I lose my Robertson auto pilot. Reboot and everything comes back ok.
Please provide the full software program number. Also, please provide the information about your chart card (type/part number, date, coverage area). What exactly do you mean when you state that the NAVnet locks up? Is it completely unresponsive or can you change display pages? When you press buttons, does the NAVnet beep? What do you mean when you state, "I lose my Robertson auto pilot?" Does that mean the data from the NAVnet stops getting to it or that the Robertson shuts off? How do you have your Robertson connected to the NAVnet?
have nav net 3d.sys id:si597e6de991d86c80f5.east coast chart wvjnam022map5.1.when I go to my nav net to upgrade software it says I have the latest.not at boat now but if you need I will on chart is 2011 but it has been upgraded.the auto pilot is wired into the interface box per installation instructions.all mfd's,two 12's and one 8 all lock up with no use of anyfunction or buttons.I have to power down reboot router and re power up the mfd's
This particular case may be more quickly resolved by calling our tech support from your boat so that we can walk you through settings and checks. If you are in the Furuno USA region, please call one of our tech support numbers. Here's a link to our "ContactUS" page: If you are outside of the Furuno USA region, please contact the local Furuno dealer for your region. Here's a link to the Furuno worldwide dealer/distributor locator:
I called and talked to Jeff.Who right off the top of his head had the answer.

The answer has two solutions:
1. turn off tides and over powers the RAM and locks up

2.upgrade from v2.07 to 2.11.This turns off tides and currents after 20 minutes.Look at the fixes and you will find this as an item that is fixed.

FYI and Thanks

Jim Killilea