Nav Net 1 System Problems



Let me start off with what I have in the boat. Its an express with the two large screens and GPS Navigator downstairs and the 1700 Upstairs
GPS Navigator
all networked together
sounder I believe is a BBFF1
the system was installed around 2003
Oh and I am located in Barbados. Far away from any Furuno dealers
I bought the boat in 2010 and before it was shipped some of the electronics were disconnected and placed in storage. we have been trying to get things working now and have had minimal success.
the problem is i really dont know where anything goes.
Please tell ,me where to start
I am getting depthsounder on the Radar unit with a depth reading but no depth reading on the other unit. is this normal? cant get anything on the 1700 upstairs either.
Radar seems to be working and displaying.
i know this is a very general description of my problem but i need to start somewhere and any advise is more than welcomed.
I need to send the units back to furuno to have them switched over to read a CMap card can you give me an address to send them too.
Thank you very much looking forward to suggestions
I'd recommend sending the displays in and converting them to C-Map first. Once converted, then setup/settings can be done. To send the displays in, box them up, put a note inside the box (or boxes) containing your name, address, phone number, e-mail (optional) and description of the problem/what you want done. Send to:
Furuno USA
Attn: Repairs
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd
Camas, WA 98607
(360) 834-9300

Once you get them back, see the attachment for settings:
View attachment 1- NAVnet 1 Generic Settings.pdf
Thanks for the reply will start working on getting them boxed up. Just as a matter of interest is there anyone on the east coast that does the same conversion.
Not for the NN1. Only the WA office has the capability to update to the latest version.
can I connect a Airmar B164 transducer to the network souder and will it work with these machines?
As long as you get one with the Furuno 10-pin connector on it, it should work with the BBFF1 that you have.
Ok another question before I start taking out the machines. Do I need to send all three machines back or can I just send the 1900C and the others display from that?
I would recommend sending all three units in so that they can have the latest software installed and be converted to C-Map. If you don't the current software that's loaded on the other two units may not be the most current and problems from different software versions may cause problems. It may save you from having problems in the long run.
I have had to check over my units again and it is a RDP 139, 1900C and 1700C. I am travelling to the states end of October and have inquired with a few companies in the Ft Lauderdale area and they say they can do the conversion in house. is this possible as you stated that they would have to go back to Furuno because of them being NN1 units. Also does Furuno charge anything to have these units converted to C-Map?
Normally the service center will conduct a onetime software conversion, at no cost, but you still have to pay your shipping charges. Dealers can update or convert a NN1 but not to the most current edition. To have the newest software it must go to the service center.
I have boxed up the units and shipped them. they should be arriving there today. is there an email address for someone in repairs as i need to send them a message about some other things.
Call 360-834-9300 and ask for "Repairs". They'll be able to help you.