Mystery snow flakes make a sad Christmas present



While fighting my way through connecting up out new 1824 radar / ploter I had the AIS and most of the nema data working properly although the AIS was still not showing on the MAxsea screen. . Yeah me! That is before a restart of all concerned left me with the radar acting rather strange. When it should be counting down for a start I get 4 little snow flakes in place of the numbers. I am trying to be Christmasie here since its that time of year. Any idea what this means? Is it one of those things where I should start making a noose and rigging it to the yards arm?
When you get asterisks in the middle of the radar screen instead of the warm up timer; it means you have the wrong radar source selected. This system can support more than one radar, and if you pick the wrong “Radar Source” during the setup, it will cause this. Please enter the setup/install mode (By holding MENU during power up until you see the boat picture) and then go into the network settings (MENU – SYSTEM CONFIG – INSTALLATION SETUP – NETWORK SETUP) and ensure that your “Device number” and the “Radar Source” number are the same. This way, the device knows to look for the radar on this unit and not elsewhere.