Multiple TZ Touch Displays



We are planning on installing two TZ Touch 14s on our boat. Are there any special wiring implications that we need to consider for either NMEA or Ethernet connectivity?
Instruments will include Fish Finder, Radar, AIS, DST, GPS, Wind, Heading, Autopilot. As recommended by you, we will also have a Hub101.
Thank you.
All of the accessories you mentioned will either be Ethernet or NMEA2000 connections.
There should be no special wiring implications if done correctly. The two 14” TZ Touch displays will be drops from a N2K backbone.
If any of the devices you will be installing only output NMEA0183 a N2K-0183 converter will be necessary.

As we get closer to the TZ Touch product release more information will become available.
Hell,I need help ,I am planning to install new Furuno Chartplotter TZ 14 ,new fishfinder .I am wondering if Is compatible with airmar B265 with the new fishfinder box BBD1,and the TZ14,Thank you.
The Airmar B265 is a CHIRP transducer and not really intended for the BBDS1 sounder. Even with a matching box to make it wire up, the performance would not be as good as the Airmar B260. The B265 and matching box would set you back some money and provide so-so performance. You might look into the sounder area of this forum to see the results of SNIPS’ testing of combining a CHIRP transducer with a normal high performance sounder. It is really hard to beat the BBDS1 or DFF1 with the B260 unless you move into the larger units like the FCV295 or FCV1150.