Multiple MOB points appearing



Recently I received a trouble report from one of the boats that I service regarding MOB points showing up arbitrarily. What we found was that if Alarm is set to Internal & External and the External Alarm Input is set to MOB, a MOB point will appear whenevr a depth alarm is encountered. I did not check to see if other alarms like loss of GPS or waypoint reached, but I was wondering if anyone else experienced similar issues.

I have set the alarms correctly and no longer get the MOB points but I am sure it is just a matter of time before I get another call with the same symptoms.

Is this possibly a software bug?
I found the passage in the operator manual that sort of addresses this.

"2.10.11 Internal/External Alarm
4. Use the RotoKey to select [External Alarm Input]. Select the item to output when
you operate the SAVE/MOB key.
[OFF]: No output
[Save]*: The point saved with the SAVE/MOB key is output.
[MOB]*: The MOB point saved with the SAVE/MOB key is output.
* Do not select when [Alarm] is set for [External] or [Internal/External].

The manual clearly tells you not to do it but it doesn't tell you why. Now I just have to drill this in to the operators head.