model 1721 mark-2



parts incident (130419-000009)
My radar has stopped working, I can still see the sweep on the screen but it is small in diameter.
As the sweep is displayed, it seems that the CRT is working and a replacement Deflection Board would fix the problem. Is there any way that I could purchase one without having to pay for a new CRT.
I see from your case number that you have already been told that the CRT and deflection board are paired together. This is the way it is provided by Japan and they normally should be replaced together. The fact that you can even buy new parts for a 17 years old radar should be commended. Normally this isn't a replacement recommended for an end user. The CRT fly-back deflection board have very high voltages. If you wish to find used parts and pieces it would be best to call around to your local authorized Furuno dealers to see what they might have laying around. Here is a direct link to the Furuno USA dealer locator.
Maybe someone on the forum will offer you some used items.
Good luck.