Missing radar echo on NN3DBB



I am not able to see any echo from my radar. Radar starts rotating and speed vary as range changes. No echo on the display, the BB is set as master with software 2.07. I checked with a laptop running Maxsea and here the echo shows up.
Have you tried manually adjusting gain on the NN3D?
With your sea and rain filter set to 0 what happens when you crank up the gain?
No echo, not even close to the boat. When I adjust gain, sea, rain or tune I can see the change on the laptop but not on the BB.
Good news, if you see the radar image on MaxSea TZ Explorer software; then your radar is working. It sounds like a user setting related to the MFD is wrong. I would first suggest you hit MENU and select the RADAR icon and reset the user settings to FACTORY DEFAULT at the bottom of the GENERAL TAB. Then re-select your radar scanner as your RADAR SOURCE (on the RADAR - GENERAL TAB). Once the radar source has been selected, hit MENU to return to the main screen. If your screen is not on a single radar screen, hit DISP and select the full screen radar screen. (at this point do not try the radar on plotter overlay or split screen) From the full screen radar display, hit the GAIN button and set your GAIN to AUTO, Sea Clutter to AUTO and the RAIN to zero. ("Auto" is the setting below zero as your turn the knob)
You should have radar. If not, I would suggest you backup your settings and waypoints and conduct a factory clear/reset of the MFD unit. If you need help with this you might want to call Furuno Tech support or your Authorized Furuno Dealer. I would be highly surprised if following my instructions don't work for you. We have seen almost no failures with the UHD radar units.
I dont know what happened but radar image is now working. But only my nmea port 2 seem to receive serial signals. Maybe I somehow can reset or update the nmea interface card? Otherwise it seems to work good. I do however have more than one nmea port I would like to use.
I am glad to hear the radar is working as expected.

You can check your NMEA 0183 input data by using the PORT MONITOR button, on the port in question, within the INSTALLATION WIZARD. There is no port reset. If you wire data into the port, you should see the data on the PORT MONITOR. Once you know that the data is received by the system, you should CHECKMARK the type of data under the INPUT section of that port, so the system will process it. For example, if you wire suitable heading data into data 3; you would first check that the data is coming in via the PORT MONITOR. If it is, then you would checkmark "HEADING" box under the input section for that port.
Yes, I am using port monitor to verify the connection. I configure all 3 ports 4800 baud but only receive on port 2. I think I read somewhere it was possible to update the nmea part of the radar? I dont have any nmea2000 yet so I have not checked that one.
To see data on the port monitor, you must be sending data into the port. In the case of a loopback test; you must checkmark at least one output sentence, so that you can see the data come back in. If wired for loopback without any checkmarks, you won't get anything. If you find that you have two damaged NMEA 0183 ports like you think; I would recommend that you send the NN3DBB processor to the service center for a full evaluation.