MFD12 and DFF3 Transducer frequency selection?


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Hi all,

Have been trying to change the frequency of my broadband transducer without luck.

If anyone can help, please advise how to change the transducer frequency on my current setup.

Head unit: MFD12

Sounder: DFF3

Transducer: CA82B-35R (selectable frequency range from 65-110 KHz)

Have been trying to change this but cannot find the option in any menu…
I can see this option on a 295 setup(mates) but not on my MFD12, thanks in advance for any guidance.

Snips or Johnny Electron any ideas!!! :huh
You will need to go into 3D's Installation Wizard and manually set up the transducer. I recommend setting the transducer type to Manual and then set the Frequency for 88Khz with the bandwidth of 44Khz. The bandwidth sets the adjustment range which can be as high as half the selected frequency. So setting the bandwidth at 44Khz will allow you to slew the frequency +/- 22khz from the selected frequency, which your case is 88Khz. So from the menu for you will able the change the frequency from 88Khz down to 66 or up to 110Khz.



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Thanks Snips

I changed the Transducer from 82b-35r to manual 88khz
In the check box below set freq/band (x.1) set to 885 and 440 to get 88khz and 44khz bandwidth
Thanks for the information as have spoken to many Furuno dealers in Australia and looked through the manuals without success until now.

Thanks again Snips.