MFD 8 screen failure



My three year old MFD8 screen brightness has diminished to the point of being useless in daylight. Dusk and night brightness settings are also much dimmer. Yes, I have the brilliance turned all the way up. This dimming took place over several months of frequent use while cruising. All other functions are unaffected. I suspect a screen failure. Seeking further troubleshooting or repair advice.

Remainder of system unaffected > MFD12, FA50 AIS, DRS4D radar, PG500 compass, hub.

Thanks in advance,
Besides screen Brill, there is a viewing angle setting (under Global icon, I think) that makes big changes in how the screen looks. You might try that and also ensuring that your settings are setup for DAY mode and not automatic or Night mode. If still having problems, I would recommend sending it to our factory service center. Even though the unit is outside of warrantee, they have been known to be really good at keeping customers happy. They would be the best equipped to deal with this problem.
Thanks Johnny for the quick reply even on a holiday weekend.

I was unaware of the viewing angle setting - which means I haven't adjusted it intentionally. In that the dimming has taken place over several months, I'm fearing a screen failure rather than a setting adjustment. I'll check the viewing angle setting nonetheless.

Modes available are day, dusk, and night. I don't recall an automatic mode, but I can tell when day vs dusk vs night is active based on the different screen colors.

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On the NavNet 3D you might not have AUTO depending on the software version you are running. I hope it is a setting but if not, I am sure the service center will take good care of you.
Just had same situation. I could see startup screen but once I pressed Rotorkey to enter, nothing was visible on screen except cursor. When I pressed DISP however I could see top message "Use rotorkey to select...". When sun down, I could see a bit better. Went, into Menu, Global, changed View type... Thx

From your description it seems you just have your brilliance set too low. Possibly the last time you used your MFD8 was at night and now its daytime again? Either way its a simple fix. When your MFD8 screen boots up, just press and release the power button. From there you just rotate the Rotokey clockwise and this will bring your screen brilliance back up to a viewable level. Please let us know if you need any further help.