MaxSea Ipad integration

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I have heard good things about the Ipad intergration but haven't tried it myself. When I first asked MaxSea developers about this intergration, here is what they said:

[[Just download “Splash Remote” on your PC (server) and on your iPad (client).
Configure a WIFI in between your PC and your iPad (Add-hoc is the easiest) and set a fix IP address on your PC and iPad (on the same network)
Launch the server on your PC (it can auto-start with Windows if you want to) then launch the Client on the iPad
This allows a remote desktop (think about the MFDBB in clone mode) with your iPad.

If you want a more “permanent” installation, setup a WIFI Router and have the PC and the iPad connect to it via WIFI. Do NOT connect that router to the NavNet3D network, the router is independent and the PC connect through the Ethernet Card to NavNet (172.31.x.x) and to the router through WIFI (192.168.1.x usually). The iPad only connect to the WIFI, but “sees” the NavNet3D stuff through the PC.]]

There have been some feedback/testing about the Ipad/Maxsea TZ on the web site. You might read the articles they have posted there. I am sure, once users find their way here to this site, someone who has used it will chime in.
Not open for further replies.