MaxSea Classic V12

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Johnny Electron

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Please be aware that Furuno USA will stop selling MaxSea "Classic" V12 software at the end of this month. If you need this software and have been putting it off; don't wait to contact your authorized dealer.

Since Furuno first became involved with MaxSea PC navigation technology in 2004, we have experienced phenomenal growth and change with the MaxSea product line, as well as incorporating product refinements such as the Time Zero chart engine and Satellite Photo Fusion into our NavNet 3D and TZtouch Multi-Function Displays. Regrettably, these revolutionary new technologies require newer, up-to-date hardware platforms to function properly, and older programs often cannot be updated beyond a certain point.

It has been said that that "All good things must come to an end." This is now the case with MaxSea Version 12.x software, often referred to as MaxSea "Classic." MaxSea Classic Explorer, NavNet Explorer and x7 Explorer have reached end of life, and will not be sold by Furuno USA after March 31, 2013. Telephone technical support and support for associated hardware (dongle replacement, etc.) will be available through December 31, 2013, after which the service period for MaxSea Classic will come to an end.
Yes, as long as it isn't the NavNet version of V12. (and that it isn't media edition of Vista)
The NavNet version requires XP SP3.
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