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I'm running MaxSea NavNet navigation program on a Furuno VX-2 system aboard a Shannon ketch....onboard nav computer hard drive just died and now looking for a new computer for use at sea....this is my second laptop that has died....anyone have any suggestions??
Are you running MaxSea Classic (v12.64) or MaxSea TZ software? Hardware depends greatly on what software package.
have to check my backup computer to see what exact version I have; however, the computer and the MaxSea CD's are all stored on the boat in the shipyard in RI.....I bought the original MaxSea program 10 years ago when I brought the boat back from the Med and then updated it 4 years ago when I replaced all the Furuno equipment with I remember, it was MaxSea NavNet with the sailing and performance, I'd guess "Classic"; "TZ" rings no bells
Sounds like MaxSea Classic (NavNet version).
It is important that you get a PC with Windows XP SP3. The NavNet version cannot be used with Vista, Win7 or Win8. It needs to be something that has a dedicated graphics card like NVidia. The new Intel HD video will not work with MaxSea Classic. Intel didn't want to provide driver support older software like MaxSea Classic. I would recommend asking if there are XP drivers and support for the PC and get NVidia. You can always talk with Furuno Tech support once you get a specific unit in mind. It is getting more difficult to find a PC that will run NavNet Classic. Normal Classic will run on Win7. It has to do with the hardware in the NavNet Vx2 that prevents it from working with Win7 so it can't be fixed with a software update.
Thanks..... Sounds like it will be difficult to find a new PC with the appropriate Windows software and video card....I'd guess I'll have to have a computer store build me a computer.... Can you tell me the configuration to optimize MaxSea.....what processors, working and storage memory, external connectors (number and type of USB ports, etc)....I'm not very computer literate (as you can probably tell) and want to ask for the correct components....appreciate your time.....
Here are the requirements. Most new PCs will exceed the specs. It is important that you have XP (SP2/SP3) operating system and it not be the server or media center editions. Recommend Nvidia video card with level 3 shading. (Most anything new does this).
ATI video is okay but might take some playing with; really really recommend Nvidia. You just need to ensure you can get the PC with XP and the XP drivers.
MaxSea NN req.jpg
Thanks for all the info..... I'll search the local computer stores to see if I can get someone to build me a compatible computer.....glad I asked before simply buying a new laptop....will let you know what I come up with.....
Anyone have any luck? I was trying to decide if I should venture down this path...
Griff":1wac0dv0 said:
Anyone have any luck? I was trying to decide if I should venture down this path...

MaxSea Classic Explorer is no longer available from Furuno or MaxSea.
I saw some vendors are still selling it, though with the difficulty in finding a system and the lack of Furuno/maxsea support it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense...

So what is the most cost effective option for integrating with a vx2 radar/finder? If I upgrade to the DFF1 can I control it through a hub by both my Vx2 and the MaxSea?
Honestly your best most cost effective solution would be to add another RDP149/NT display to your system. You will have full control of all aspects of the system.