Low resolution radar overlay image



Hello! I have a small issue with my MFD12. It's not a very big problem, but it looks kind of weird.
When using radar overlay on the charts, the radar echos looks pixelrated wthen zooming in. Almost like a 1980's computer game. When zoomed out, they look fine, but it seems they don't scale right when zooming in.
On the MFD8 below deck, the radar echo looks fine. The problem is just on the MFD12 in the same network.
Any idea on how to fix this?

It looks like one of the FPGA software updates for the MFD12 was skipped during one of your past software upgrades, or the update didn't get accepted. I would recommend running the 2.07 INCREMENTAL software update and see if it shows that the FPGA software needs to be updated.