Lost Simrad Autopilot after Update to 2.11


More specifically, i think i lost the ac 12 computer connection from the NN3D to the simrad. As i was heading offshore yesterday i noticed the boat icon was turned slightly and was traveling along the screen in a "cocked" position. As i went to hit NAV on the auto pilot i got no nav data error. I also noticed the autopilot's compass was off 180 degrees which made the boat icon travel backwards on the screen. The simrad AP was working flawlessly before the installation. I followed the instructions for the user settings and re installed after the update. I also do not see the AC 12 computer as a data sourse any longer?
Any thoughts as to what may have happened? It was a long run to the canyons without the AP!
Assuming the autopilot is connecting with Canbus (NMEA2000) - did you go into the installation menu on the MFD? You need to specify some PRNs to output for the autopilot, from memory Navigation, XTE & possibly water depth.
You also have to select the data sources (inputs for the Furuno) on the Global Data source tab. Heading from your compass (RC42?).
I did look to see if all the pgn's were checked off, i may need to look again, i am heading back to the boat today to run the simrad thru the setup again and to re verify some settings on the NN3D. After reading around a little it appears the RC42 needs to be re calibrated.
I also think i remember that the AC12 was used for some of the data sources, it is not being displayed as a source now so i need to check that out. Maybe someone can verify that for me?
The AC12 doesn't supply much information - rudder position mainly.
I am in the same boat - I lost my AP connection (AP still works indepenently) as well as my radio DSC connection as part of the upgrade.
Before upgrading to 2.11 a master reset should have been performed. Hopefully after recording all of the installation settings and saving your routes and waypoints. (something that I'd advise having a record of whether you are upgrading or not)
Once upgrade is complete you must re-enter the installation wizard and perform the set up as if it was new.
Guys thanks for the responses. Larry did you get your ap back up and running on Nav mode? I am able to run Nav mode but it will not hold a course in Nav mode OR auto mode. I need to further investigate later today.
I thought the saving the user settings' purpose was to be able to re install them so everything works as before the update? Or is it more user PREFERENCES(head up, type stuff and not the installations settings)that it backs up?
Saving user settings will not always save the complete set-up so please try redoing the installation wizard.
It should solve your issues.
I've run the install wizard dozens of times - it does not find anything on the far end of the NMEA1983 ports; it finds anythng w. an IP address, it finds the ports but it does not recognize the systems on the far ends of the NMEA port.

Shame on me for trusting save user config withour writing things down but quite honestly - in this day and age - this is not the user's problem - you guys need to pass back to the development team that satifactoey user experience needs to take into account upgrade and migration of external devices as well as NN3 ones. (Software guy speaking here..)
Simonsez said:
Guys thanks for the responses. Larry did you get your ap back up and running on Nav mode? I am able to run Nav mode but it will not hold a course in Nav mode OR auto mode. I need to further investigate later today.

That sounds like you are not outputting XTE.
So i was at the boat this weekend and went out to re calibrate the Rc42 rate compass (two turns in 60-90 seconds) well it would not calibrate no matter what i did. I disconnected from the Nav Net and i still got nowhere. The RC42 shows on the AP's source screen, and it will move the chart on the plotter when i adjust the "offset" so i can assume the connection is good to both units. I did not disconnect (mistake) from the network when i performed the update and that is where my problem started i believe. I will be making a call to Simrad today. I will report back when i know what the deal is. Thanks for the input guys.
Update of the NavNet to 2.11 would not change or program anything on your NMEA 2000 bus, even if it was connected. Your problem with the RC compass is related to that system, but can result in problems for your NN3D if you provide bad/incorrect heading from the Simrad system. I am sure Simrad will help you determine the problem with your RC compass. Let us know how it all works out.
Simrad does not service the rate compasses so i have ordered another unit it will be installed this week and i will report back. Thanks for everyone's input.
Installed the new compass and got correct heading info right away, waiting for the weather so i can do the calibration, but i expect no issues there. It seems the compass just decided to crap out at the same time as the update.