Looking for help with transferring waypoints to VX2



So we purchased a "new to us" boat with a VX2 system installed. Our old boats GPS was almost completely fried and would not let us download our waypoints but we were able to manually pull them off of it. So now I have a hand written list of hundreds of points that I would like to transfer into the VX2. What is the easiest way to accomplish this....is it just a manual "enter them one at a time" or can I enter them into some type of spreadsheet and upload them via the SD Card?

Any help would be appreciated-

The Vx2, unlike the NN3D or TZtouch does not save its points and routes in a format that can be edited in a spreadsheet. If you wish to input the points using a PC; you would need to purchase either MaxSea Classic software or C-map PC Planner software that can save in the correct format. You might discuss options with you local authorized dealer because many of them have this software already. It might be a lower price just to have them input it and save it to SD card for you.
I used PC-Planner to bring my Lowrance way-points over to the VX2 unit. I saved Lowrance data as a text file and then manipulated data fields in Excel and subsequently "imported" VX2-formatted data using PC-Planer.

I use PC-Planner to create and save routes for trips and for backing up data as well, so I use it frequently. While PC-Planner is reasonably priced, the source code is "old" and isn't as user-friendly/intuitive as many newer windows-based applications and C-Map/Jeppesen can't fix some minor annoying bugs (screen zoom limitations and TD/WGS conversion issues) I continue to find and report.