looking at 585 but want nmea 2000 connection..



Will there be an NMEA 2000 compliant FCV585 (or similar) Furuno in the near future? I am ready to buy the 585 but will hold off if such a unit is coming soon. I am currently using an old Sitex unit that came with my boat but it's old and doesn't work very well when in deeper water or when the boat is at cruising speed. I will be connecting the sonar with a Garmin 4210 plotter.

This is a great site. Looking forward to watching it grow.
:D Well you never know what the future holds.
We normally release new products every spring. If you don't need something for this season, I would recommend waiting to see what new options release in the spring not only from Furuno but even others. If you need something this season you could always use the FCV585 with a NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 interface unit like the Accusense.
Not familiar with Accusense interface. Is it expensive and where would I find one?
Bought the 585 and 1kw transducer. Have only used it once so far but.. it's awesome! I need to spend some time getting used to it. Lots of features I'm not familiar with. I just hard wired it to the Garmin 4210 rather than buy the Actisense. Everything works great. Thanks for the help.