Laptop Mapping Program


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Garmin supports its customers Chartplotters through a program named HomePort. This $30 program is great. it allows the user to manage their waypoints: Add, delete, sort and easily upload back to the chartplotter. After using the chartplotter fishing, you can saved your information from that day , i.e. MOB, mark data, and vessel tracks. Many questions have been ask of Furuno as to "how can I convert my waypoints." I would recommend that Furuno and Jeppesen get their heads together and develop something similar to HomePort. Your customers would love it.


Johnny Electron

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Very good suggestion. I will pass your comments to our product development folks. In the mean time there are many good off the shelf products available that do the same thing. You might consider "Seamarks" for one example. ( Seamarks supports many formats including Furuno and offers a mapping function or just convert and use Google earth or other proven system. Currently Seamarks is the only converter that I know of that supports the new GP1670F and the GP1870F format.