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1) I don't see how to split a route
2) While using the auto pilot the route turns RED, then sometimes it will turn back BLUE. The autopilot continues the course.
3) Working with a spilt screen, is there a easy way to change areas? (CTRL on my MFD12) Most of the time it brings up the option on the right hand side of the screen. My work around is to slightly change the zoom or just wait till the option go away.
4) Is there a list of known issues and expected updates/fixes?

Wish List:
1) I would like to be able to split the screen when inputting waypoint information. Then this could be done on the fly while someone else is piloting the boat and wants the chartplotter.
2) The system will confuse a tap for a route with a two finger tap ( user programed as the Home Key) Seems like the two finger tap should be suspended while routing. Could the two finger tap have a menu screen in settings where we chose when it works? Also could sensitivity be adjusted?
3) Weather does not have an orientation option. Since it is an individual screen instead of an overlay the orientation is important for navigation. It should be the same as the last chart used with the option to change orientation.
4) Weather available as a split screen, even if it most of the screen and a chart plotter in a small section.
I will pass your "wish list" to the product development folks.

1) I don't see how to split a route


Just make sure you are using the FULL Roto-key option.
Full Rotokey.jpg

While using the auto pilot the route turns RED, then sometimes it will turn back BLUE.
Active routes are normally RED. I haven't heard of this before. Please open a support case (SUPPORT - ASK FURUNO A QUESTION) so we can get more detailed info. If you can provide a video from your cell phone etc, with the support case, we can look into this deeper.

Working with a spilt screen, is there a easy way to change areas?
Just touch the screen on the side you wish to use. If you actively have something open, like the Roto-key, just tap the screen once quickly, on the screen you were using. This will close/cancel the Roto-key so you don’t have to wait for it to time out. Just touch the section of the split screen you wish to move to/use.

Is there a list of known issues and expected updates/fixes?
No listing, sorry. The only issue that I am currently aware of is a COG issue not showing up in MAG format from a GP330B. It shows in TRUE but not MAG. This should be resolved in the next revision of software. Currently they are saying sometime in the fall, new software should be released for the TZT adding more features. Until it really happens; I can't say what will be in that version.
Thanks for the quick response.
1) Once I modified RotoKey to "FULL" the "Split Option" appeared.
2) I will make a video of the RED/BLUE route issue when I get a chance, we are cruising and only have Internet on a limited basis.
3) I will try the additional tap to close the RotoKey options
4) Thanks for the heads up on "COG Issue", It always nice to know what is a know problem that is being corrected.

Wish List.... I'm sure I will have some more :)
I think a fix for COG should not wait for the next release of the software. It should be fixed now. :(

Good Day Everone

Whats on my WIsh List after a hard sailing week:

Wind vector on the Screen like Raymarine offers it

Web-Browser integrated in one of the menues. Here in Europe the marinas often provide open wlan, but you have to enter some acess code given after a former Registration or by the Harbour chief.

Hello ,

We purchased one of the first TZT14s in Europe and got afterwards a comment that it was on the market premature ,
Mr Priszo was so knd to help me to get the first update but what is the status of the updates now ?

I got issues on the following ;
Currents ;
Are only working in certain areas ; when going from N continent to the med you see currents in France but not before the spanish coast nor the portuguese coast, passing gibraltar ( british territory you have current indicators .
When is this working worldwide ? I hope we do not have to buy this as a second package ?

Touching the screen for measuring gives often a different menu like information of a light sector that point is in bottom or other . Hw can you dedicate this funtion without tapping 6 7 times or pointing outside and guessing ?
Downloading charts ;
the downloading of all the files for an area is tiresome and frustrating sometimes working 12 hours on it , is there a service coming we can buy the sd cards preloaded or on a cd or so ? and buying a licence as needed ? a fast internet connection in a marina with wifi is wishfull thinking as we all know .

In Greece i had several spots in the charts where after zooming in 1/2 bays were not charted and covered in greyblue colour with minusses in it despite it was perfectly navigable . I tend not to experience that with Cmap Max Charts ? What is the quality of the detail in Brasil our next stop ?
Wld appreciate some help on this
Patrick on the RihMalti
You have many regional issues that you should address with your local Furuno distributor.

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