Integration with Navnet 3D



How will routes planned on TZtouch intergate with Navnet 3D? Are there any funtions that are currently available on Navnet 3D that will not work with TZtouch?
You won't lose anything when compared to the NavNet 3D, that I am aware of, except for direct NMEA 0183 support and USB mouse support. Much more information will be known once we get the final version of software. There are many additional items planned like free marine weather etc. The NavNet TZtouch is going to offer more tracking points and the ability to turn tracking "OFF" so the it would be possible to have the NN3D tracking and the TZtouch not; in a mixed network. Moving points and routes is by SD card is no problem but tracking (because it is different) most likely won't be possible. You can change a track to a route and then transfer that route. Again, it is hard to answer questions in great detail concerning a system until we get final production software. There is no doubt they have listened to many customers when they adapted changes to the TZtouch. It is hard not to get excited about it.