How to download navnet3d software ver 2.07?



I am currently using ver 2.05. Have been cruising for past 18 months. Dealer gave me an SD card supposedly containing the new software, but nothing happens when I try to import. I'd like to download the upgrade directly from i-net, but after 2 hours wading through furunousa, mynavnet, faq's, etc., etc., etc., I can't find anyplace to download software updates....manuals, sure. Maxsea software, no problem! Arghhhhhhh.......can anyone let me know where it is hidden?

s/v Bravo
now in La Cruz, Mex
Go to and then to the product tabs. Select NavNet 3D and Multifunction displays.
Pick a display and then go to the software tab. At the bottom of the screen you will be asked to accept terms and conditions.

Once this is done you will want the NN3D Incremental version of 2.07 software. I suggest you open the Incremental Update instructions first. The software should be loaded on to a blank SD card. Be sure to format the card first to remove any data that may still reside on it.

Let us know if you are successful or are still having an issue.

Thanks, Melville. I did find the info where you described...why there isn't just a tab for "software downloads" on the main page, sorted then by devices, I don't know. But at least it's there!

I downloaded, and see the following files: 54.9MB 0kb

When I click on the .zip file, I get 33kb

I tried to unzip the .zip.part file on the computer, but no go, nothing happens. Is this the file suffix that the MFD is supposed to read? At 54.9MB, it has the most info. I copied the 3 files (.zip, .zip.cqgz, and .zip.part) to SD card and inserted in the MFD. Clicked on "import updated files" but nothing happens.

Thanks for your help.

Here are the instructions for downloading and SD card creation:

A blank 128MB or larger SD Card (2GB Max) is needed for the update. Furuno highly recommends using “SanDisk” SD-Cards.
a. Download the ZIP file at
b. Unzip the files on your computer. Open the folder you just unzipped. You will see a folder named “UPLOADER”.
c. Insert an SD-Card into your computer. If the SD-Card folder automatically opens, close it. Click Start and select “My Computer”.
d. Select the folder you unzipped in step b) and copy it (CTRL-C).
e. Open the SD-Card and Paste the “UPLOADER” folder at the root of the SD-Card (CTRL-V).
Note: Do NOT copy the files at the root of the SD-Cards (unlike the Combo update), copy the “UPLOADER” folder at the root of the SD-Cards (in other words, you should only see only the UPLOADER folder when you open the SD-Card).

I hope this helps,