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Is it possible to set up routes add, delete, rename wpts etc, etc, away from the TZ14 - preferably from my couch at home, and then upload all to the TZ14 on the boat?
I've heard of Maxsea, but, can't justify the price nor require the functionality - so I am wondering if there are any basic (and cheaper) alternatives that will let me view a chart with waypoints and routes, etc on my laptop and modify all before uploading to the TZ located on boat?
The TZT can export information in some common file formats like GPX and CSV that is accepted by many low cost/freeware/shareware programs. There are some lower cost paid programs like SeaMarks that offer planning/conversion including using Google earth. Furuno doesn't sell or provide a planning package, although you could use MaxSea TZ or Nobeltec Trident if you own it.
Johnny Electron, will the vx2 also accept the gpx format?

I just got a used boat with vx2 hardware (GD-1920C & GD-1720C.
No the Vx2 doesn't use GPX, but programs like Seamarks can also convert saved Vx2 files to GPX and other formats.
Mr. Electron, I'm trying to convert from Raymarine and some very old Lowrance format to the vx2 format. Do you have any low cost suggestions?
If you are a FurunoUSA customer and have points moving to Furuno as a one time conversion; our support guys can normally help. Create an official support case and attach the points to the case. (www.FurunoUSA.com - Support - ask Furuno a question)