Have a RDP-149 Vx2 and a GD1900C



Have a RDP-149 Radar display with scanner and Sonar. The RDP-149 is mounted at the lower helm. The upper helm has a blue network cable and power cable. The second display was missing when the boat was bought. A friend has a GD1900C display. would the GD1900C work with the RDP-149 as a second display.
Yes, you can use a NavNet series one (RDP139 / GD1900C) with the NavNet Vx2 series. It will not share charts but will share the radar/sounder/NMEA data, when placed properly on the NavNet network.
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As far as the chart data, if operating from the upper helm just pull the chip out of the RDP-149 and move it up to the GD-1900. or do we need a second chart chip?
They have completely use different chart types between these two systems. The card will not even fit. If you wish to have charts at both locations, you would need a card for each machine.
would like to report back, the cd1900c did pick up the NMEA data, and the sonar display correctly. The radar worked on original station, did not display. The GD1900C display showed the Radar showed on stand by. any Ideas? Thank you for your help.