Hardward & Graphics Chip Implications of new Win8 version

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MaxSea has announced Explorer v2 with Win8 compatibility and various enhancements. I cannot find on their website an update of the hardware requirements for the new version. It would be useful to have both a minimum and an optimal configuration including for graphics support.

(Detail on the v2 enhancements can be found at:
https://maxseawus.blob.core.windows.net ... 2BcAW10%3D
It’s news to me. As a distributor, the logistics take longer to be established in a large market like USA/Canada. For example when MaxSea TZ first released, it was out 6+ months in other markets before we picked up the product. Sometimes this can be helpful because initial issues are worked out by a smaller group of folks. As a product picks up speed it makes it easier to have a large introduction here in the USA. I have no information (really, I don’t). It might be some time before we see this emerge in the US market, but thanks for sharing.
Thanks Johnny...I am registered with MaxSea ( I think folks are in all markets can do this ?) & they email'd me directly with an upgrade offer and the details I posted.

I'll go to MaxSea direct with my question and post the reply here for others.

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