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Has anyone successfully used the weather GRIB Subscription Service from MaxSea. I have been trying for two weeks without success and until now the help desk cannot help me. I can send the automatic generated subscription request email but it does not register on the maxsea server. I've tried two different registered email addresses.
Does this service really work ? :respect

Johnny Electron

Staff member
I haven't had any problems with the TZ or Classic MaxSea GRIB files including using of the subscription service. It is important that no modifications are done to the e-mail going out. You shouldn't have any auto spell checking or anything that will modify the request, before it is sent out to the server. You also want to check your spam folder/filter just in case you are getting the data and don't know it. The e-mail address you use to make the request from must also be registered with MaxSea under your account.
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