gps shows me on land by about 150yrds



Starting this yr, my location is offset on my GPS is there a "reset" button? Ithe year of the boat is 2002, likely all the electronics were installed then.
Can you please tell us which GPS plotter you have?
I also have the same issue which also happened about a year ago navnet 1944c and software was updated
thanks hoejef
NavNet series one, Vx2, GP1650, GP1850, and GP7000 all have an offset that can cause the problem you describe if incorrectly set. It is very common that someone sets an offset by mistake without knowing it. For your 1944C, try clearing your chart offset. (From plotter screen hit; MENU – CHART SETUP – CHART OFFSET – softkey RESET OFFSET)
Thanks for the prompt reply
I did try do that a few times Where does that put as far as resetting it, if you have done offsets before. Does that cancel all offsets ?
Thanks hoejef
Resetting the offset it will clear any offset that was put in by the user (even if by mistake). If you find that your location isn't correct after clearing any chart offset, then you should check your Position offset to ensure no one has entered anything there. If both are fine, then you might need to add a position or map/chart offset as the case dedicates.