GP7000F Problem



I have a GP7000F. Worked wel. I replaced the starting battery and when I hooked it back up the GP7000 would turn on, go through the start up screens and then shut off. I tried to push power/clear, the diagnostic screen would come up but the buttons or knob would not work. Checked the fuse, power and ground connections. All is good, but now the unit will not turn on at all. None of the buttons seem to work and no tones on the buttons. Any ideas?
The first thing to do is to make sure it isn’t an issue with the GP7000. Have you tried hooking it up to an independent 12vdc supply? If it still does not power up then I suggest you send it in to our Camas office.
Make sure to include a complete description of the problem as well as a phone number for our techs to reach you. Make sure to hold on to your chart card.