Gp1870f waypoints


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Howzit guys

I need some assistance. I have upgraded to a gp1971f and I exported all of my waypoints from my gp1870f to my gp1971f. The file transfer was successfully but all my waypoint are about 130m off line to where they should be. The waypoint format from the old and new machine are

Am I missing something here.....

The units allow for you to change the Lat/Lon format. It sounds like you are just displaying a diffrent format selection that you were using on the old machine. If you did a direct conversion from machine to machine the actual location should be in the same spot. You might want to see what your Lat/Lon format is set for and try some of the other options. (MENU - SETTINGS - UNITS - FORMAT & REFERENCES - Select choice; then leave menu and reboot to implement)