GP1870F seems to lock up after receiving NMEA2000 sentences



Furuno GP1870F (AIS/NMEA2K version) is connected to ICOM M506 DSC/AIS radio (also NMEA2000 only.)

Furuno successfully transmits position info to the rado as the radio displays speed and position info on its display.

But when I send out a position report to another vessel, the Furuno locks up competely when the reply is received. Nothing short of a power down brings the GP1870F back. ESC, rotodial, etc, are all inoperative.

Ditto when a position request is received. The radio successfully replies (I can see the position being reported on the receiving ship's chartplotter), but my Furuno locks up/freezes.

The Furuno is aware of the ICOM on the network. It shows the M506 as a device for AIS, etc. I've tried setting to "AUTO" and to "ICOM M506", but seems to make no difference.

Anyone with ideas? At the moment, the behaviour seems to suggest that the Furuno is having trouble digesting NMEA sentences it receives, although it appears it can send sentences out.

Software verion FUR-GP-7-X51-CE v1.1.1.111 (25/01/2013)
SDK V8.2.57R (16/01/2013)
A newer software version is available. Upgrading that may assist with your issue.

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