Gone back to Version 2.07 from 2.11



After some time with V2.11 I have reluctantly reinstalled V2.05 Combi (so I can adjust the 'Long range' setting to kilometres) then installed V2.07 incremental.

I have not been able to change the default range setting of Nautical Miles since V2.05. I reported the issue shortly after V2.07 was released and am very disappointed that it still exists in V2.11.
Although forum members outside Furuno USA's sales and support area are welcome here; folks should give their own Furuno distributors a chance to address their concerns. There are issues that can uniquely affect users based on their regions/languages. The local distributor has a better gage on their region and the impact/severity of the reported problem. What might not be an issue for one region might be a show stopper for another. It helps when more than one distributor is reporting an issue to Furuno Japan, so it can get the focus it needs.

I haven’t had any complaints on this in the US region. I did go back see one of your past forum postings that roughly talked about this. I couldn’t duplicate your complaint at the time. Have you reported this to your local distributor? Today I checked our units and again couldn’t duplicate your concern. I was able to select Kilometers for the long range measurement without problems, using v2.11 software.

Do you have radar as part of your system? I noticed that the selection is not selectable unless you have radar connected. I am not sure why it must have radar, but explains why we have had no complaints. Most folks have radar here, and those who don’t normally run in Nautical miles.
I don't have radar Johnny. It's not a show stopper - just an irritation that combined with some other issues I experienced with 2.11 that killed it for me. It would appear to be a very easy fix which is why I brought it up again. Thanks for the explanation.
Our product development department has asked Furuno Japan look into making it so the setting is selectable without a radar.