GMDSS Printer PP-510



I am using a Furuno PP-510 printer in the ship's GMDSS communication system.
1 month ago the both printer's heads when printing start drifting away - aprox. 1cm to the right from paper area (the end right position), on aprox. each 20-30View attachment Print before.pdf lines the printer's head is not moving and printing the line at same position (look likes small vertical line).
But yesterday on the printer which is using more frequently (for EGC printing) printer's heads start drifting on each printing line to the right end position out of paper.
The printing paper now is completely unreadable. :shock

1. How can I fix this to avoid to buy another printers, because it is very expensive?
2. Do you have any list of troubleshooting for that model printer PP-510?
3. Do you have any list of spare parts for that model printer PP-510
4. Do you have any Maintenance Plan (such as cleaning, lubrications, lubricants list) for that model printer PP-510?

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