Furuno GP 1870 problems


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I had an furuno 1650,which went bad,and I replaced it with this 1870.
My experience with it so far,is it is not very user friendly,and takes alot of getting used too.
I did the upgrade a month back,and it now works very slowly,takes several minutes to boot up.Even before the upgrade,it still had all these other issues.
The constant screen changing when you try to scroll,makes it useless to try to get from one point to another on the screen.Also when I try to scroll, it starts putting up information tabs,which literally block out all your info.....then on top of that,it now has started "locking up".(Possibly a shutoff for these in menu?)
When you push the ESC button,nothing happens,and if I push it several times,it has shut off completely on me the last few times I used it.
On other occasions,when using "scroll" knob to zoom in,it will just shut off for know reason.
Another problem,is when installing WP's using "arrow"function keys,to put in numeric value,the buttons seem to be very non-responsive....in other words,I have to push the button 4-8 times to get it to install the one number.
These problems happen at random,know specific time when other electronics are being used,daytime,and or night time.
I do not like this unit at all,and would not recommend it.
It just seems very difficult to do simple things...
I loved the 1650,and I will probably get rid of this in the fall,and go with a Garmin.
I would like to contact furuno tech support,is there a number I can call?


It would be best to contact our tech support in Camas, WA.
Tel: (360) 834-9300
Don't forget that is our west coast office.
Try calling after 11:00AM.